Custom LED Linear Lights



We supply solutions to Australia’s largest grocery stores, retailers, builders as well as many other industries.

We offer our services to all project sizes from one piece orders to full nationwide fit-outs.

Stock of component parts are held locally and manufacturing is done at our premises in Brisbane, guaranteeing fast turn around for both prototypes, as well as production runs.

There are a number options to consider:

  • Aluminium Profile Type
    • We stock various types and sizes see profiles
    • We stock profiles in silver, white and black finishes. Other colours can also be offered by locally powder coating
  • LED Type
    • Colour; we stock LED strip light from 2400°K to 10000°K
    • LEDs per meter; the more LEDs the more uniform the light is, which minimises the visual dots
    • Brightness; we stock LED strip light from 420lm to 2880lm
  • Length
    • Any length up to 3m can be manufactured
  • Mounting
    • We provide various methods of mounting such as; brackets, VHB tape and magnets
  • Wiring
    • Several wiring options are available; hard wired for a permanent installation or ‘plug & play’ connections for ease of installation or change in configuration. We can also supply a vertical mount bus-bar solution which allows for shelf height adjustment.

Please contact us to discuss how we can provide a custom solution.

Fresh food displays, refrigerated food displays, merchandising displays, retail displays, architectural lighting, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, residential, commercial, industrial


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LED Linear Light


 Other profiles available upon request

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We Can Provide You With the Custom LED Linear Lights You Need

If you are looking for a team of professionals capable of delivering custom LED linear lights to your precise specifications, look no further. We offer a wide range of LED products and believe we can meet and exceed your expectations. We can manufacture LED bars up to 3m from our large range of LED profiles and flexible strip light. Various mounting methods such as magnets, brackets and double sided tape. Choose Linear Lux and get the custom LED lights you need today.

Problems We Solve with Our Services for LED Linear Lights

Here are some common problems we solve with our services for custom LED lights:

  • Finding LED light bars that are the precise size you need can be difficult. Buying anything else often results in a LED bar being too long or too short for the intended space. Which means the final result will both look unprofessional and underperform. We make it simple and provide you with the perfect fit every time.
  • We provide low-cost shipping for all our clients to ensure we can always work with your budget. If you need a cost-effective option that still provides the quality you need, you should always come to us.
  • We provide an exceptional range of other products as well to ensure you have everything you need. Whether you need flexible strip lights, controllers, power supplies, sensors and switches, or much more, we have it here.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the LED lights they need, regardless of how intricate their requirements. With the ability to customise the lights to your needs, provide low shipping costs, and an exceptional range of products, it is easy to see why our clients keep coming back.

Tips Regarding Choosing Correctly When You Need an LED Aluminium Profile

Here are a few tips we believe will help you choose the correct LED profile for your requirements:

  • Consider the mounting method you need and where your lights will go. We provide surface, recessed, corner, and hanging mounts. This selection means your LED lights can go wherever you want them to, but it starts with choosing the right profile.
  • Measure the space you where you need the lights correctly and take into account that we supply all our profiles in 3-metre lengths. This way, you know precisely how many you need and can easily plan your budget.
  • Consider how much tape width you require from the profiles you want to buy. We offer 5mm, 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 20mm, and 46mm options if you have questions regarding this feel free to reach out to us so we can help you choose the perfect fit.

About Us and Our Services for a Surface Mount LED Profile

Over the last 15 years, we have studied the industry carefully and come up with practical solutions to provide our clients with all the LED products they need. We supply retail, wholesale, and trade markets across Australia with our lights. With all the product options we have available, it is easy to see why our clients continue supporting us.

The next time you need excellent options for your LED lights that include custom design options, come to us. Call us now, and we will help you sort everything out quickly and efficiently.


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