Trade/Wholesale Pricing Registration Page

The prices on this website are “Retail” prices including GST.  We offer this price so that any visitor can purchase our products direct at a fair and reasonable price without having to go through a third party.

Most importantly we also offer both “Trade” and “Wholesale” pricing to approved customers.  Trade pricing is typically for people in the trade such as electricians, builders etc. Wholesale pricing is reserved for companies who are onselling to Trade customers or who are buying large volumes for their own use.

We encourage you to apply for your respective level of pricing by submitting the below form.  Please ensure the contact details are correct as we may need to contact you with additional questions. When approved, we will send you a confirmation email with instructions as to how to setup your account . Once logged in to your account, prices will be shown excluding GST.  You can also take advantage of our online order form which is a simple and quick way to place orders.