Who is uPowerTek

uPowerTek is a world leader in the field in design and manufacture of high quality intelligent LED drivers. Based in Hangzhou, China, they are a Sino-US joint venture with a leading California based company with a successful history in lighting control equipment spanning some 30 years.

Founded in 2016, with key engineering and sales staff drawn from other leaders in the field, such as Philips, Inventronics, Mean Well and Delta. In their short life they have accumulated more than 20 patents and intellectual property rights. With more than ten partners and distributors around the world, uPowerTek exports are mainly to the US and Europe.

Reliability is a key feature of uPowerTek’s LED drivers, offering warranties between 8 and 10 years. Every driver is run at full load for 4 hours before shipping.

Not content to offer the standard product features as offered by most manufacturers, uPowerTek have raised the bar, offering PWM output, as opposed to standard constant voltage or constant current output for all their dimmable ( 0-10V, DALI, PWM,  Push-dim, DMX ) models. PWM offers far superior dimming performance as compared to these traditional technologies. 12VDC aux output is optional on all models.

uPowerTek are the first to release drivers using 0.1% dimmable technology, since being adopted by other leading manufactures, and now specified by some market leading lighting manufacturers.  Similarly, some uPT models offer NFC ( Near Field Communication ) capability, whereby a driver can be programmed by mobile phone using their app. Zigbee options are now also available.

uPowerTek recently released compact IP67 dimmable LED drivers rated at 600W and 800W, and featuring extra low inrush current and wide input voltage (528VAC) spec. They, and models down to 200W are also optionally available with ultra low inrush current.

Through offering high reliability and long life products, and making bold advances into new technology, uPowerTek has become the leader of high power LED drivers.

To view the uPowerTek’s full range of LED drivers visit https://www.upowertek.com/